Outdoor First Aid Training Course – 2 day - PKG Training
This 2 day Outdoor First Aid Training Course is suitable for people involved in Outdoor Activities and working in an environment where individuals are likely to find themselves at risk. Enabling all participants to deal with emergency situations with confidence in a prompt, safe and effective way, particularly where professional medical help is not immediately available.
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Outdoor First Aid – 2 day

This comprehensive two-day qualification is designed for outdoor professionals and employees who work in rural or remote  environments.  The qualification meets the Outdoor First Aid Band 3 requirements set by the Institute for Outdoor Learning and the requirements for the first aid element of the expedition syllabus for the bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh awards.


It will enable learners to undertake the role of the First Aider when emergency medical assistance could be more than 30 minutes away.


It will provide learners with the skills and knowledge to respond to a range of emergency outdoor situations including
when and how to move a casualty, major illnesses and injuries, administering CPR and managing an unresponsive casualty.



The minimum classroom contact time of 16 hours must be delivered over a minimum of 2 days. The course can be spread over a maximum period of 9 weeks ensuring that each session is a minimum of two hours.